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We build successful and sustainable enterprises from the ground up by capitalizing on our expertise, resources and network.

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What We Do

We are a Saudi venture studio (AKA startup studio/venture builder) building successful and sustainable enterprises from the ground up by capitalizing on our expertise, resources and network.

We carefully select, validate and launch bold ideas that are then turned into full-fledged spun-off businesses.

Generate our own Ventures

We build startups that solve problems through an inhouse continuous, dynamic and selective ideation process. We secure financing to make sure our ventures can grow without barriers.

Build Ventures With Partners

With our robust ecosystem we partner up with external entrepreneurs and other companies that have amazing ideas we can help them develop into successful and sustainable businesses.

But, How? .

While every successful venture is different, there is one thing, that connects all of them – right timing. Time is the key and the most important resource for every enterprise. That’s why we designed our own venture building process that allows fast delivery. We use our own expertise and vast network of resources to create business plans, develop the products, launch them on the market, and grow them.

We start with an idea!

Idea creation and brainstorming that leads to market validation.

Then we build it!

We start with building a testable product (aka MVP) to find the market fit and meet the needs.

And we grow!

By funding or bootstrapping, the project is now capable of growing and expanding.

how venture building is done

So, In details

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Brainstorming &
market reseach

Market analysis and research helps understand the type of startup we are building

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Building the strategy &
and the MVP

With the help of our expert team, no need to worry about Tech, Business or other resources

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Helping to reach
the first client

Using our network and contacts we can help you sell your product to the first client.

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Seed Fund
& more

Match making the startup with Angel Investors who are interested in the same category

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& to the moon

Now that we have all resources we need to be a stand company, we can lunch it to the moon

Our Ecosystem

Not just a venture builder, we also have lots to offer, from UI/UX to raising funds for startups. We built the complete Ecosystem to enable entrepreneurs around the region.

Everything you need whether its Business side, or Technology side. we have it all

UI/UX, Marketing, Design, Branding, and more!

Where an entrepreneur and investors meet. Deal!

A place for entrepreneurs and startups grind, some may call it co-working spaces

Government and large companies ask for our services. So we are here to provide.

Our Ventures

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Our Investments

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Lets build your startup

Together, we can build the next unicorn

we are looking for talents

Looking to join the team?

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We are here to answer any question you may have.